Acrobat Artist

Acrobats normally have a gymnastics background but if not, they can be taught.

There are various levels associated with the absolute beginner. Acrobats are taught how to do a basic forward and back roll, cartwheel, handstands and how to use springboards and trampolines. Beginners and beginner / intermediate acrobats practise the same movements as absolute beginners, they just do it a little faster.

Intermediate acrobats are able to do a back flip. Advanced acrobats are able to link various movements together and the aim of these acrobats is to improve on their technique and line.

Acrobatic balancing requires two or more people to work together. One acts as a “base” and the other balances on top of that person. Acrobats are also able to juggle with balls, clubs, rings, on their own or in groups; walk on stilts and ride a unicycle.